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Welcome to Retro Living’s “Yummy Sweet Shop” of yesteryear, where you’ll find all those great candy’s as a kid regardless of age, from the 50’s,60’s,70’s and up!

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Mallo Cups

Mallo Cups Marsh mellow Candy

Mallo Cup Giant Pack

Mallo Cup 4 Pack

Red Hot Dollars

Red Hot Dollar Candy

Caramel Cremes

Caramel Cream Candy

Caramel Creme Mini’s

Caramel Creme Mini Candy

Mike N Ikes

Mike N Ikes Theater Box


Bit-O-Honey Theater Box

Pop Rocks

Pop Rock Candy

Pez Favorites

Pez Candy Assorted Classics

Old Fashion Swizzle Sticks

Old Fashion Swizzle Sticks A Billion Flavors


Sugar Babies


Necco Waffers

Necco Waffer Candy

Necco Waffer Mini’s

Necco Waffer Mini Rolls



Nik-L-LIP Bottles


Razzles Candy

Bottle Caps

Bottle Cap Candy


Root beer Barrels

Root Beer Barrel Candy

Blow Up Pops

Blow Up Bubble Gum Pop

Good n Plenty

Good n Plenty Candy




Charleston Chews Strawberry, Vanilla, Chocolate

Charleston Chew Candy


OP Butterscotch Buttons

Retro Butterscotch Candy

Rock Candy

Rock Candy Sticks


Fun Dips

Fun Dip Candy

Ring Pops

Ring Pop Candy


Warheads Candy


Airheads Candy

Bubble Gum Tape

Bubble Gum Tape All Flavors

Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids Candy




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Rocky Road Candy Bars


Big Bar of Dubble Bubble Gum

Hershey’s Krackel Candy Bar


Old fashioned taffy pops

The new Black Cow

Chick-o-Stick Nuggets

Jolly Ranchers

Assorted Flavors Fizzies

Saf-T-Pops are lollipops

This classic jawbreaker gum candy

Pixy Stix

Candy Buttons

Take a Rain-Blo gum ball


Payback Attack

Now and Laters

Red Vines Twists

Tootsie Roll Midgees

Yes all those candies you remember as a child, that oh so oowie-choowie-goowie retro candy from the good ole days., you’ll find all those sweet goodies you remember as a kid. So take a browse at our old fashioned retro candy shop and fill your goodie bag.