Great Ideas for Christmas Gifts for Kids

Christmas is just right around the corner, and people are starting their holiday shopping already. Are you running out of ideas on what to give kids this Christmas? Get some tips and suggestions right here.
At no other time is gift giving for kids a delight than Christmas. But for kids to really appreciate your gift, careful thought and planning must be done when shopping for possible gifts. This means eliminating items that are too generic. Giving a personalized touch to your gift makes it unforgettable for a child to receive and remember you as a thoughtful giver.

A major consideration when giving kids their presents is their age group. You wouldn’t want to give a scientific calculator to a 5-year-old would you? Moreover, if you are giving gifts to kids who are not yours, consulting their parents as to what their preferences are would be the correct way of doing it. Don’t worry too much about the budget because there are so many affordable gifts in stores these days.

Suggested Christmas Gifts for Kids

Cool, unique, and creative are the operative words when choosing classic Christmas gifts for kids. Additionally, the less complicated they are to use or operate, the better and safer for the kids. The following gifts – which you may want to consider when you go shopping – are based on various age groups and may have varying prices depending on where you purchase them:

Mermaid Blanket

This flannel-lined Mermaid Blanket comes up to the height of a child’s waist, is available in five different colors from, and has a version in a doll’s size. The blanket is also available as a Shark Blanket for, perhaps, little boys.

Janod Mixer and Accessories

Your budding chef will be delighted with this set that comes with a “crackable” egg, faux dough with an authentic squishy, dough-like feel, a rolling pin, and a wooden mixer equipped with a removable beater and rotating dial.

Soft Wand & Crown

With a hook-and-loop type of tape closure, this hand-sewn crown has a perfect fit and pairs off easily with a wand complete with a star tip and pom-pom points for your little fairy princess.

First Hockey Stick

Give your toddler a safe, 18-inch hockey stick for scrimmages in the comfort of your living room. Resembling a real hockey stick, this one – made and hand-knitted in Montreal – is available at and comes with a felt ball.

VW Camper Play Tent

Give your toddler a tent that looks like a replica of that famous VW camper of long ago. This canvas version can fit up to three children and is available in yellow, red, light blue, and baby pink.

Alphabet Toy

Pre-school kids will have loads of fun with this Alphabet Toy – made of water-based ink that’s completely non-toxic and birch plywood – from as they try to match the lettered wooden tiles to their respective illustrated partner pieces.

Robot Nightlight

Brighten your child’s bedtime with this Robot Nightlight that can be mounted on a wall or placed on the dresser. This motion-detecting nightlight – with environment-friendly LED lighting – will make trips to the bathroom less difficult for your kid to make.

See-Through Blocks

Fun to pile as well as topple, these See-Through Blocks by have beads that make delightful noise inside them that resemble the sound of rain sticks. They also make for a sleek décor when placed on a coffee table or desk as well.

Charming Ragdolls

These old-fashioned ragdolls are whimsical yet stylish and can give the more expensive high-technology Dolls a run for their money. Moreover, their accessories and outfits give these hand-stitched creatures a unique look that’s completely “artsy.”

Tool Belt

Teach your child to help around the house with this Tool Belt. All the tools in this set are made from lead-, BPA-, and phthalate-free wood material and include small, middle, and long bolts, an angle ruler, screwdriver, hammer, wrench, and nut.

Jungle Bowling Set

This set of bowling pins is made from 100% organic cotton material, polyester fill, and all-natural dyes. Featuring amiable animal faces – elephant, monkey, and elephant – these pins make for a delightful activity for toddlers to strengthen their motor skills.